Get a new water pipe delivered to your doorstep.

Get a clean device

The moment you recieve our water pipe, you know you will never have to clean another water pipe again.

Easy to Order

We know everyone is different, so we cater to your needs. You can order once a month or every other month, or 4 times a year. It's up to you.

Fast Shipping

We ship from our facilities in the United States, so it arrives at your location fast and discrete.

It's easy to get started, you could have one in your hands in no time.

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Being seen at the local head shop can be embarassing. No problem.

Imagine recieving a new water pipe just in time to avoid cleaning your existing water pipe. No need to deal with the stinky mess, the hassle, or the embarassment of a inferior water pipe, simply recycle and viola.

Clean up your image.

We ship it to you, so you don't have to run to the store and suffer the embarassament. Instead you recieve a discrete mailing of your product on a monthly basis straight to your front door, no embarrassing markings, no problems.

Quality First

We verify the materials are 100% recyclable and of the highest quality. We inspect each product we package to ensure you will recieve a quality product.

Save Time

Finding time to go to the store can be a pain and embarassing. Imagine the piece of mind that you will have a high quality product at an incredible time-saving price.

Save Money

Join the club and get the highest quality water pipes at wholesale prices. Our club removes the need to clean your smoking device by delivering quality, recyclable smoking devices monthly at wholesale prices.

We ship it to you

Our shipping department will get it to your front door quickly.

Private Membership

We respect your privacy. We will never sell your data or share it with anyone.

Cancel anytime

Hey, if you don't like our product, you can cancel at anytime.

Relaxation Bros let's you party.

Relaxation Bros members enjoy clean, reliable, water pipes in a fun and rewarding way without the hassle.

Join the club, forget about nursing that ornate thing you call a water pipe.

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What our customers are saying...


Santa Barbara, CA

"What a deal!"


Carmel, CA

"A welcomed service as I try to be on the DL..."


San Diego, CA

"These glass pipes are the bomb."


San Francisco, CA

"I can't wait to get the delivery every month!"


Los Angeles, CA

"I got my glass pipe in the mail... it was simple and a great water pipe."

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So what's the catch?

There is no gimicks.

A great water pipe, seriously. No sneaky contracts, no tricksy fine print, and no BS. We are simply regular guys and gals just like you.

Not convinced? Read on.

Yup. Your box includes our fantastic quality water pipe. We then ship you a replacement water pipe every month, every other month, or every 3 months. If you want to, you can postpone the delivery of your water pipe or even cancel the subscription at any time. You’re probably not going to do that because our water pipes are amazing.
Are you kidding? No. They’re f**king awesome. We’ve been using a variation of this water pipe for over 20 years, it's simply the most reliable, consistent, easy to use water pipe on the market for the price.
There’s nothing worse than getting noticed by your mom as you pull up to your local head shop. Awkward conversations like that never happens to our Members. We keep them away from the public eyes in our discrete mailings and clean products. Plus, unlike the head shop, you don't look like a criminal carring a suspicous bag back to your car. And oh yeah, our prices are way better.
Nope. We don’t like fees any more than you do. You only have to pay for the stuff we ship you, that's it.
Occasional User ? Not a problem. You can get water pipes delivered every month, every other month, or even 3-4 months. Plus, you can always skip a month or pause deliveries for up to 3 months.

As you can see, no sneaky contracts, no tricksy fine print, just a great product.
We knew you would come around.

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